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Curb appeal remodel!
07 Apr

Houses are a complex unit, sometimes the way the look on the outside doesn’t necessarily matches the inside and vice versa. Each person has a unique style and that always reflects on how they live, so when it comes to your house there is nothing more amazing that selecting one that matches you however, sometimes, we need to make certain changes so our houses feel more ours. This applies for both the inside and outside of your house, how you decorate and what furniture you have says a lot about your style, so why not apply the same effort and design into the outside of your house, specially the front. When choosing or selling a house, the curb appeal can be a deal breaker if it doesn’t look at least clean, so why not learn a little bit about the process and styles you can choose for your house. Remember this work is more complex so we advice you hiring a professional, get free quotes with us and start remodeling. 


Why concrete?

Concrete is definitely the most popular choice when remodeling your driveway. This material can stand a lot and usually, if the work is done properly, you can have a decent looking driveway for 4-5 years.  Technology has also help a lot in making concrete less boring and a more  safe and durable option. You can have different patterns, colors, shapes, you can even play with live vegetation to give your curb appeal that wow factor. Most professionals recommend this material because it really lasts, according to the Landscaping Network, concrete can withstand natural disasters like earthquakes.

Off course not everything is good news, over time concrete can crack so you need to consider what kind of machinery will you have around your house and also consider your environment, every material in your house is directly affected by the weather. Another con is that, even thought concrete is not very expensive, it is not the cheapest material out there, so before starting any big project make sure you check your budget. If you need to hire a professional you only need to click here! 

Now that you know the pros and cons about concrete you need to think about design, do you want a complete new driveway, do you want to remodel your existing one, do you completely want to change your style? Well that is up to you, here we can help you with some information and inspiring ideas.

Choose a style!

Plain: We all know that concrete is usually gray and plain and this may sound boring sometimes, but if you choose the right elements and the right design, grey and plain can be just perfect. Big slabs can be tricky but they go great if you have a modern-Spanish house, the simple lines give your driveway a great touch of elegance and you can choose to have live vegetation in within the slabs so they don’t look so plain. If you have a big driveway you can also choose to have your slates engraved, you can have any design you want the most popular ones are simple geometric figures like circles, off course this is going to cost a little bit more so always remember to check your budget.

You can select the same style for the front and back of your house, remember that if you choose big slates you may have to select something smaller for the backyard, if you need help selecting a design our professionals will help you!

With pattern: If you want to be a little bit more bold you can always add a fun pattern to your concrete driveway. Many professionals either have a pre-selected style or the use stencils with patterns , so before you start pouring that concrete be sure of what kind of pattern you want because it is very difficult to change your mind once the work starts. Some patterns and styles you may like:

  • Small slate
  • Random stone
  • Cobblestone
  • Large slate
  • Basket weave
  • Euro Fan
  • Herringbone
  • Moroccan

Remember that every pattern must work with the type of house you have, not all styles go with a modern house and even less styles go with a traditional house, be careful because choosing the wrong style can sometimes affect the value of your house. This job is not a DIY, we recommend you hiring an expert, thankfully in we have the best qualified professionals! You just seat, relax and enjoy Spring.

Finally remember that a good curb appeal must always have some sort of vegetation with it, if you really want to impress your neighbors and have the most beautiful house in the inside and out, choose trees and flowers that go with your style. If you need help don’t hesitate to click here, we will contact you with the best gardeners in your area.

Images and some information where used from exterior sources. Also visit our Pinterest page for images and more inspiring ideas.

By Maria G Ruiz

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