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Fencing weekend project!
14 Mar

Your house is the most important investment you will ever make, it is the place you grow, share memories, make a family, it is a sanctuary no matter where it is, it doesn’t matter if it is big or small,  old or new; your house is definitely one of the most important places of your life. When it comes time to protect it you can choose a variety of options like installing an alarm system or living in a closed community but another amazing solution, and one that will add value to your property is a fence. We have so many options now a days that finding the perfect one can become a nightmare, thankfully at we have come up with the most common types of fences and their pros and cons.


So…why have one?

The main reason why people have fences is for security/privacy. When you have a house the main concern is people trespassing or burglars entering, because a house is usually in an open land you need a way to ensure nobody enters, a fence is definitely the way to go. Also people enjoy privacy, in this crazy times privacy is a very valuable things so protecting your love ones from nosy neighbors is always a good thing. In addition fences can really increase the value of your house. We know that a fence is not a cheap option specially if you live in closed communities but when a person is buying a house, they would always prefer having some type of fencing. Having a fence is also great when you have little kids and pets, as always homeowners number one concern is the safety of their family so fences are one of the many options you can have if you want to keep them inside the house. People that own farms understand that keeping each animal in a different space is very important, also fences can be used to prevent rodents from entering small crops. The last reason is that well they make your house look absolutely beautiful and expensive, you can hire someone to do the dirty job or make this a DIY, the options are endless.

And now the fun part!

We believe that fences are an amazing option for your home but there are so many choices that sometimes we get overwhelmed and we don’t know what our best bet can be. If you live in closed communities with very strict rules you may not have the option to choose what you want, still we want to take you through some of the options so you can take and inform decision.


People usually think that aluminum is ugly and can get rusty but this is not entirely true, you can choose to have a bold and modern look and it doesn’t take a lot of maintenance. Usually you can install it yourself and it can endure many weather elements but it’s not the best option privacy wise. If you wish to have an estimate for this kind of fence click here! 


Wood: This is definitely our favorite elements to work with, it comes in so many shapes and sizes that you can go crazy, it also gives your house a modern barnyard look. You can paint it any color you want and it gives you a little more privacy. As with everything that is made out of wood you need to be aware of termites, you can contact us to get a free estimate to take care of that nasty problem. Another important issue to take into consideration is that wood maintenance is very expensive, you need to regularly treat it and the weather tends to be not very nice with this element, so before you decide wave all of your options.


Wrought Iron: This type of fencing is among the most popular choices. They last a long time, you can paint them every 3-4 years and avoid rust. Because of the material this are one of the most secure fences you can get for your home, in addition this classic and elegant look can make your house look like a million bucks but off course with everything good comes the not so good. This is probably the most expensive option and you definitely need a professional to install it, thankfully here at we have the best professionals. 


Vinyl: This is the most common fence you can find in closed locations, it is usually white or brown, and definitely the most inexpensive one. If you want to make a DIY project this weekend we definitely recommend you doing this one, you can find it at Home Depot or Lowe’s, the maintenance for it is low and usually lasts a good period of time.

As always remember that the safety of our clients is our number one concern so if you are going to install a fence make sure you inform yourself and never do it alone, have someone in the family help you out and make this your fun weekend project.



By Maria Gabriela R

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