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Roses are red, violets are blue, is your landscape ready too?

Roses are red, violets are blue, is your landscape ready too?
10 Feb

February the 14th, love is in the air, sun is out, flowers are more beautiful, people are nicer but, is your house romance ready? We know that Valentine’s day is one of the busiest Holidays in the US, so sometimes going out is not the best idea, even though there are many things you can do at Valentine’s Day: go out, go see a movie, eat at a romantic restaurant, plan a weekend getaway; you can avoid a lot of trouble with parking and driving and not finding a table if you just stay at home.

Having your house ready for Valentine’s day takes a little more time to prepare than a regular date, but it shows how much you love your significant other.  Here at we have some easy steps to have the perfect evening with your love one.


Start planning

Small or big all backyards should look the best for this special day, so the first thing you should do is call a gardener.
Here we have the best Top Rated professionals so don’t hesitate to contact us. They can help you decide what flowers look the best, trim the ficus so everything looks clean, maybe even help you with a little design. Make sure you call them with sufficient time so for that day your backyard looks clean and beautiful. Another important thing to do is fix the sprinklers so they don’t activate in the middle of your date, avoid a disaster! 

Investigate, design and buy

Now that you know you are having a romantic evening in your backyard start thinking about what you want to do. Are you cooking or are you hiring someone? Are you having live music? If you have children maybe think about hiring a babysitter. Start doing some detective work and ask key questions about food, drinks, dessert, if he/she wants a present better buy it with time. There are many simple ways to have the perfect environment for that day:

Lighting is everything! Lights are the best way to set up the mood, if you already have lights in your backyard maybe take mason jars and put candles inside, this will create a chick atmosphere. Another cool and easy way to set up lights is Christmas lights, take the white lights and hang them either in a tree, in the wall or if you have a pergola that is always a beautiful set up. If you are not very handy why not contact one of our Top Rated contractors?! 

Music is in the air! Music is definitely a must when it comes to romance, it’s the perfect excuse to dance slow and just enjoy the moment, but don’t put music from your phone or a small speaker, that will ruin you night. Most homes come with a surround system outside in the backyard so all you need to do is connect the main system with the audio system outside, thankfully we have the best electricians ready to take your call. 

Buy things with time! We all know that during the Holidays malls, restaurants, flower shops go crazy so when you plan ahead you can avoid all those annoying lines and have more time to dedicate to that perfect evening. Try to buy the food one or two days earlier so it’s fresh, flowers off course are best one they are bought that same day so maybe think about giving your flower shop a call and pre-order them now.

Do simple things! Don’t get yourself all tangled up, set up some white candles all around the house, if you don’t have a big backyard buy some bases and put flowers in all of them, think outside the box and get your special someone something different that roses. How about a light rose peony, sunflowers, orchids, hydrangea, daisies or an oriental lily.



We love this simple but elegant structure. A pergola is perfect to make your dinner look even more amazing, you can hang lights in it, you can cover it with a beautiful white linen and set a table below it! You can buy wood boxes and plant a vertical garden or maybe ask your gardener what climber can work best with your landscape.  The best part is that after this day this structure will help your backyard look like a thousand bucks, you can buy a vintage chandelier and hang it, buy some outdoor furniture and you’ll have your little piece of heaven. We know that there are a lot of DIY tutorials to build pergolas, but maybe because Valentines is only a week away you should think about hiring someone to do the dirty job for you, thankfully here we have the best carpenters do get that job done.

Last thoughts!

Since we are talking about upgrading the backyard why not go all the way and think about installing a Jacuzzi? Off course  can help you with that, but think about the amazing date night you can have with your love one, just open a bubbly, strawberries with chocolate and get in that hot tub listen to music and relax!

Last but not least we know that not everyone lives in a house, so maybe you can have a romantic dinner in the roof of your building. Go ahead and ask your landlord to see if you can have a special permission to set up a night picnic; grab a blanket and big cushions, buy some candles and prepare their favorite food, put it in a basket and you have yourself the most perfect little setting, maybe you can even remodel your balcony and just grab a cup of coffee, music and enjoy the moment.

From Adopt-A-Contractor we wish you the best Valentines day ever and remember being romantic and special is not only for this day, be kind to everyone around you and specially the people you care about!


By Maria Gabriela Ruiz

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