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Spring is here, but also pests!

Spring is here, but also pests!
03 Mar

Spring is finally here! March marks the day when spring begins and with it we can come out of those chilly days and find the most wonderful weather, flowers blooming and new and exciting projects for our house. But as with all good things bad thing can also come: Pests. This season is magical for this annoying creatures so it is important that we take care of our house and gardens. In each area in the U.S we can find different pest, for example Florida is known for mosquitoes, roaches, ants, spiders; on the other hand Texas in known for snakes, scorpions and spiders, so even though the prevention in each state is different we have come up with some tips for you to start getting you home ready for the arrival of this guest specially when summer is near, if you start acting now you may save time and money when it gets hotter and more humid.


In your garden!

Your garden is the most common place in your house in which you can finds pests. We know that things like mosquitoes, flies, crickets and roaches are pretty hard to eliminate but others pests like snakes, snails, rabbits even spiders can be prevented. People that have small vegetable gardens have the most problems with this creatures. The main thing you can do to prevent this is being clean, if you have debris or garbage lying around you are practically making a paradise for rats and roaches, so the first thing to do is get rid of this, if you need help don’t hesitate to contact one of our professionals. Another important tip is to keep your plants “groomed”, live fences for example tend to carry a lot of small animals like scorpions, lizards or ants, this plants may include ficus, lilacs, boxwood, bamboo; so keep them trimmed and ask your gardener what can you do to reduce the risk of pests. Climbing plants are beautiful we know, but they also tend to be home for many insects so before you acquire one make sure you inform your self about the maintenance and what pesticides you should use.  On the other hand many people choose to have natural exterminators, frogs and toads for example are great to reduce your pests and eliminate the need for pesticides, of course if you are not fond of this lovely creatures you may need to contact a professional exterminators to do the job. Other great solution to keep medium pests away is fences, we know they are a little bit more expensive than frogs but they can be a real life saver and at the same time they add value to your home. Installing a fence around your garden and adding a net between bars can prevent the entry of rabbits and snakes, so you can feel safe and keep your garden looking beautiful. If you want a free quote for fencing click here! 

In your home!

You home is definitely NOT the place where you want pests! It doesn’t matter if you live alone or have a family, many of this creatures can bring numerous health issues. Rat urine for example is known to spread Leptospirosis and the bite of this nasty creature can give you Rat bite-fever. The first tip as always is to have a clean house, if you have food everywhere, if you don’t wash your sheets or change your pillows every 1 to 3 years, you are going to encounter more than one nasty bug, so do you basic daily chores and on a Saturday or Sunday really clean your house, bathroom, kitchen, garage. Another important factor to keep in mind is if you live in a condo or a house, attics for example are a paradise for pests, they are warm and most of the times dark, so if you feel like you could have a pest problem contact our professional exterminators. Another big problem that may appear in the inside of you home are termites.  Some of the warnings can be: 

When you knock on wood it may sound hollow so they may be eating the wood from the inside.

You can find holes on your wood furniture.

If you visually see them coming out of your furniture or walls.

Termite can be a really expensive problem if you don’t catch them in time, the most extreme sing of a big infestation is if wood furniture or walls start to smells like mold. If this happen it’s better to contact a professional, even though you may have to leave your house (not every time) it’s better to catch this problem quick.


When you have kids and pets your main concern is their health and we understand that many people don’t like to use pesticides in their home. Now a days we can find a lot of natural DIY remedies to kill pests, this may not work for every garden or every insect so we can’t guarantee they will work but we have found some interesting DIY out there for you to try:

For snakes you can use lava rock, put them in the adjacent structures so that snakes don’t nest in there.

Crushed eggshells also work for pest control and fertilizer.

For mosquitoes you can mix essential oils like: lavender, citronella, lemongrass, geranium; with grain alcohol.

For ants and spiders you can use a mix of peppermint and alcohol.

Vinegar is a miracle worker! You can combine it with water and use it as an insect spray, it also helps you to kill weeds just FYI.

Fun facts!

We know pests are not fun but why not making the best out of a bad situation, here are some interesting things just for you to know

  • Only female mosquitoes bite humans
  • An ant can lift 20 times it’s body weight
  • If the Queen Ant dies, the whole colony dies.
  • Beetles are the most bio-diverse insect in the planet, they have more than 380,00 species.
  • Honeybees have hair in their eyes.
  • Only male crickets can chirp.
  • A cockroach can live until three weeks with out its head.
  • As found in:, &

By Maria Gabriela Ruiz


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