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Tips for Remodeling your backyard !

Tips for Remodeling your backyard !
02 May

When Spring is here people start spending more time in the backyard, that warm breeze and the blossoming flowers just invite you to be there and take a break from everything! Dedicating some time and money to this specific area of your house can really increase it’s value and it can make you feel like a million bucks. Here are some cool renovation ideas that you can try in your backyard so you can start building that little oasis.

Before we start, there are some elements you need to consider because they will help you minimize your ideas and will give you a better notion of what budget you need for this renovation. If you need to hire a professional just click here! 

  • If you have kids or not
  • The size of your backyard (Know your measurements)
  • If you want a pool or if you already have one, how to work around it
  • If you have extensive vegetation or not
  • If you need any permit

Use light colors

When you start planning how to decorate your backyard you need to remember that this space is all about balance, so maybe using bold or dark colors is not the best way to go. Try to focus on one pallet that offers pastel or light colors, you also need to remember that the inside of your house and the outside need to be coherent, try to take some elements from your living room or your kitchen and add them to the backyard.  Another very important thing when you are buying your furniture is to take into account the weather: rain, snow, sun, sand, humidity; they all play an important factor in how long our furniture can last and what is the maintenance you have to give each piece: Think materials that wont be damaged, also try to find something that is not that expensive, in case a natural disaster happens.

Don’t limit yourself is the space is small

Sometimes we worry when we want to renovate out backyard, because we all believe that we need a big space to do something modern and cool, but many times this is not true, you just need some tips on how to take advantage of the space you have. In small spaces extensive vegetation may not be an option so you may want to consider covering the floor completely and maybe leave some small squares to plant small bushes, you can ask for stone install or use some kind of laminate for it, if you need someone we got the best top rated contractors! Another amazing tip is to not use furniture or minimize it to one o two, one of the best options in the market right know is to build  concrete sitting spaces, you will save space and you can buy some pillows to decorate it, you can also add a fire pit or use a small table and you have yourself a beautiful area to entertain guests; in addition you can use Christmas lights to give it a romantic atmosphere. 

 If you have kids and pets! 

Having a big backyard is definitely a plus when you have small kids and pets, it’s fun for them and for you. Remember that safety is number one so if you have a pool make sure you have a fence around it or cover it, specially with small children. Fences are great because they keep pets and kids from running away but it also gives you and your family privacy and security. Now going to the fun part, buying kids play ground is very expensive so try to plan a fun weekend and do some DIY projects, maybe use an old tire to build a swing, or buy some sand and make a fun beach. With pets try to keep a clean backyard, maybe installing a pet door is a good option so they can have more freedom, if you need a professional to help you click hereIf you want to go the extra mile, think about getting a mini pet pool, why not!?

Final thoughts! 

Add some vegetation and leave space to make your own herb garden:  Adding vegetation can make any room look alive and beautiful, remember that this depends on the size of your backyard and your existing vegetation,

Add a BBQ station: This station is really fun to build, you can take leftover materials and build a stone oven or a stone station so you can put your BBQ and just add some style.

You can build your own fire pit, again this works great with recycled rocks but make sure you know how to correctly add the fire pit ring.

By Maria G Ruiz

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