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Get Quotes for Home Improvement

Get Quotes for Home Improvement

Many homeowners decide to make improvements to their homes , especially during the spring and summer months. You should get quotes for home improvement projects, and many experts agree that you should get three of them, at least.

Though some people prefer to do some repairs themselves, it is not advisable, especially for large projects and things that could be dangerous. Instead, hire a contractor who knows what they are doing.

What Should the Bid Include?

When you request a quote from a contractor , he or she should put it in writing. What is included can vary, but all bids should explain what the project entails and who is responsible for each part of the job.

It must also list:

  • Payment terms
  • Start/completion dates
  • Any permits needed (and costs to obtain them)
  • Labor and materials cost
  • Proof of worker’s compensation, licensure, bonding, and liability insurance (where applicable)

Why Request Three Bids

Often, it is hard for homeowners to get three bids from three contractors or companies. When you call someone, you must ask them pertinent questions. Then, you need to schedule a time for them to come to the home and assess your situation. This is imperative and should not be ignored.

If a contractor gives you a price without inspecting the house, it is a red flag. They aren’t going to know the specifics of your home and case, so they can’t honestly say how much it is going to cost. Usually, upon inspection, contractors realize that there are a few minor things that need to be done, as well.

This is normal and included in the written bid. Therefore, many homeowners don’t realize that anything was ‘changed’ at all because the contractor did things the right way.

When you solicit three bids, you have a better idea of the price range and can identify any issues. You should also focus on things like flexibility, creativity, and communication skills.

What to Ask a Potential Contractor

Before you get quotes for home improvement, it’s a good idea to have a list of questions to ask potential contractors. Consider asking them about their main suppliers, how they create bids (fixed prices or estimates), and who the foreman is. You can also request to meet the foreman and anyone else who might be on the job site.

This gives you peace of mind because you feel confident about the people who are working on the team. Of course, you should also determine who is going to be in charge and if they are going to be on the site each day of the project.

Then, request a bid from each of the three contractors and request that it be itemized if it isn’t already. That way, you know what each of the charges is to make up the full price.

It’s essential that you go about choosing a home improvement contractor in the right way. Otherwise, you run the risk of being dissatisfied with the work and progress of the job. Get a quote from three reputable sources and be on your way to completing your project sooner.


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Should You Use a Handyman or Contractor?

Many times, people want to make improvements to their homes . This can include a variety of things, such as cleaning the gutters, adding a new appliance to the house, and more. When it’s time to choose who to use, you want to find local pros in your area for your home improvement project.

Of course, there are a variety of options available, so you have to know which type of skilled person you need for the job.

Should You Use a Handyman or Contractor?

To determine which type of professional you need, look at the project and its to-do list. Let’s say that you want to fix the kitchen sink so that it doesn’t leak, replace the roof, install a ceiling fan, re-tile the hallway, and build a small deck.

Some of these things are easier to complete than others. Therefore, are you going to need a handyman or contractor? If the project requires state/local certifications and in-depth knowledge, you want a contractor. For fixing leaks and the like, you can call on a handyman.

Often, it might be best to use a handyman . While they charge less, they might not be licensed.

Reasons to Use a Local Professional

Now that you understand the difference between contractors and handymen, it’s essential to use a local professional for the job. You might find national chain stores with people to help, but they might not be ideal.

You’re probably going to need to talk to this person throughout the project. It’s easier if you can call a local phone number, send a text, or even visit their office. This is harder to do when the contractor is in another city or state.

Also, it’s important to keep money in your community. That way, things flourish, and the taxes that the companies pay go to fix things near and dear to you. It’s a great way to ensure that your money supports small businesses and the local economy.

Generally, when you work with a local contractor, you get better references. Large companies might have a few people to call who are never home or respond. Local companies build rapport with their clients. These people want to discuss their experiences to help you and others choose the best.

Of course, the best reason to use a local professional for home improvement is to get better service and high-quality work. These experts know that their livelihood is on the line. They have to do right by you if they expect to succeed in a smaller area.

If you use a local contractor, you’re going to be glad you did. Still, you need to find the right one for the job so that you are happy with the results.

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Home Advisor, Angie’s List, Yelp, Adopt a Contractor: Consider These Pro Listings for Your Home Improvement

Pro Listings for Your Home Improvement

When it comes to your home improvement project, there are a variety of ways to find the appropriate contractor. These can include Angie’s List, Home Advisor, Adopt a Contractor, and Yelp. We are going to talk about each website separately to help you understand why they are all great options. You can safely consider these pro listings for your home improvement project .

Home Advisor

Home Advisor is a nationwide network that offers professional listings for home improvement contractors and handymen throughout the country.

It works when contractors become members and offer their services through the website. Consumers can go online and search by zip code to find professionals. Then, they hire that person to come to their home and perform the work. Afterward, the customer writes a review so that others know how good the contractor is.

Of course, you can also get multiple bids from different contractors . Fill out one form and get quotes from local pros who want your business.

Angie’s List

Angie’s List is another website that lists a variety of home improvement professions throughout the country. While there is a free membership, it doesn’t come with all the perks. You can choose to pay for membership and get upgrades, such as phone support and email support. Plus, you also get the magazine produced by the company mailed to your home (in most cases).

When you join, you can see a variety of companies and contractors . There are verified reviews about each one, making it easier to compare them. If you’re a paid member, you also have access to exclusive discounts. You choose the company you desire, hire them, and have the work completed. Then, you share a review to the community or resolve issues through the Angie’s List team.


Yelp works similarly to the other internet services companies. You type in what you want and where to search (zip code or city/state), and get a variety of companies in the area. They are rated by stars, and you can read reviews. It also lets you request a consult from the contractor right from the Yelp page.

You may also go to the website or call the number yourself. When you sign up (which is free for consumers), you can save and share a particular company. This can help if you plan to compare prices from multiple contractors (and you should).

Adopt a Contractor

Adopt a Contractor is another online platform that can generate leads for your home improvement project. It’s easy to use and is based in Florida. However, it’s designed to be used nationwide.

This tool is one of the newer ones on the market and sells leads where possible. Still, it is a great tool for consumers who want to comparison shop.

Final Thoughts

If you want pro listings for your home improvement project, we have talked about four different options. Try them all out to see which one meets your needs the best and has contractors in your area.


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