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What It Will Cost To Successfully Install A Ductable Air Conditioning System .

What is the budget to install a Ductable Air Conditioning System?

Ductable air conditioners offer many benefits in comparison to other air conditioning systems.

For example, they can be installed using a single unit and still cool the entire living space. Ductable air conditioners are installed in one of two locations: beneath the floor or above the ceiling.

The ductable air conditioning system is a simple, yet sophisticated cooling option. Professional installation is highly suggested, but first, get an estimate...or two!

Although ductable air conditioning is slightly more expensive compared to other systems, it can save you money in the long run.

For example, the installation cost of a single unit is less expensive than the installation of multiple units. Also, having the ability to control the temperature in each room prevents unnecessary usage.

Don’t forget there is less maintenance required since it is a single unit.

How much cost will be incurred if you choose ductable air conditioning ?

Let’s find out!


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How To Choose, Install And Maintain Your Duct Air Conditioning Properly !

How To Install And Maintain Your Duct Air Conditioning?

Installing a duct system

Installing duct air conditioning requires a lot of work, all the more if the house is old and the ceilings need to be changed for the passage of ducts.

A very detailed estimate is useful to know which stations are the most expensive and whether other solutions could be cheaper and be implemented more quickly. The cost of ducted air conditioning can be very high if the site requires several weeks of work and if false ceilings should be created.

The qualified craftsman advises on the system best suited to the configuration of the premises. It defines the installation time and the work to be planned for the passage of the interior ducts. Its mission requires it to carry out an in-depth thermal study before directing its customers to a specific system.

The professional will explain the advantages and disadvantages of ducted air conditioners by providing technical data specifying long-term energy savings.

Having a ducted air conditioning system installed by a licensed professional also provides long-term guarantees for repairs and maintenance, as well as after-sales service.

In fact, improper installation risks creating malfunctions such as repeated breakdowns. As a result, the cost of maintaining your installation may be unprofitable.

The same goes for the settings. Poor adjustments often lead to overconsumption of energy and therefore consequent electricity bills. In addition, you will benefit from a warranty on equipment and labor in case of problems.

Having successfully installed its ducted air conditioning is good, but don't stop there!

Yes a successful installation rhymes with a successful maintenance therefore regular maintenance.

Maintenance of its duct air conditioning

A maintenance contract can be signed after installation. Duct air conditioning must be checked and adjusted at least once a year for increased performance.

Even immediately after installing the appliance, a lack of maintenance can cause various and varied breakdowns, or even eventually develop health problems.

Regular air conditioning maintenance:

  • Eliminates the risk of bacteria growth
  • Improves the performance of the air conditioner
  • Avoids the risk of breakdown Avoids over consumption of electricity
  • Extends the life of the air conditioner Maintains good air quality in the home
  • Avoids dusting of devices
  • Prevents risks of gas leaks
  • Ensures maintenance traceability over the life of the equipment

Maintaining an air conditioner is essential for its proper functioning.

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Duct Air Conditioning: An Expensive Investment To Feel Good At Home All Year Round!

An Expensive Investment To Feel Good At Home All Year Round!

The duct air conditioner is considered to be the top of air conditioners. Discreet, aesthetic, silent, sanitizing, it allows you to cool but also, if reversible, to heat your whole house while saving you money on heating. However, all these qualities come at a price and require planning some work to adapt your interior.

Given the many pros that we have just exposed, you will therefore understand that the price of ducted air conditioning is higher than that of other models.

Ductable air conditioning offers many advantages while remaining particularly efficient and effective. If you want to install ducted air conditioning and you are either under construction or renovating, then estimating the price of ducted air conditioning is perfectly wise.

The cost of ducted air conditioning depends on the number of rooms to be fitted, the area and the volume of air to be heated or cooled, the options chosen, the model and brand of the system or the associated control solutions. But above all the difficulty of the installation and the number of ducts to install.

The price of labor is to be taken into account especially if the work is long and problematic. Thus, the cost of ducted air conditioning is higher in an already built house than in a house under construction.

We also understand that the installation work is more complex and intrusive than that involved with other air conditioning systems, such as conventional mutlisplits.

It is advisable to distinguish the price of the system installation not included and installation included:

  • The cost of duct air conditioning is between $ 1,000 and $ 7,000, installation not included, for one to three rooms. The average cost of such a system is estimated between $ 100 and $ 150 installation included per m² of space to be heated or cooled.
  • The cost of ducted air conditioning of 1100 sq ft is therefore limited to between $ 10,000 and $ 15,000, installation included.

The amount of ancillary work may exceed $ 10,000 in an old house depending on the actions to be carried out: reinforcement of the attic floor, creation of false ceilings, specific fittings...

However, keep in mind that such an expensive installation, as it consumes little energy to heat or cool your home well, which will allow you to make the installation profitable in the medium term.

In addition you want your installation to age well, have it revised every year, so you will avoid unpleasant surprises. A well maintained duct air conditioning consumes less.


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